Funtcase Exclusive Interview

1. Who or what inspired you to start making edm

Before dubstep, I was making drum and bass under the name DJ Dose. That was under the influence of my Mom. She was a DJ and a producer and she always loved that music at the time. Whenever I would be in bands and things, she would always mix drum and bass and no one ever liked it. Eventually I liked it and then spent six to seven years trying to make it. Then 2009 I made my first dubstep tracks when dubstep was kind of deep and not as energetic at the time, that was because a friend trying to get me into it because he really liked it. I didn’t really like dubstep at the time so its bit of a weird thing to me, I just made it for the radio show that he had. I made him a few tracks and they went off.

2. Why the Mask?

It was an accident. The first ever FuntCase show that I ever played was in front of 6 people,  4 of them my own friends. One of them noticed I had a mask in my backpack, I did some dressup thing the day before and he dared me to put it on while I played and I told him no way. Eventually he managed to talk me into it; I played the show and it was really fun and it just stuck.


3. What is your favorite thing about playing in the states?

See, the difference between the states and the UK is that the UK is strictly about the music. They turn up for a show and just put their heads down and dance. They do not glorify the DJ’s; they show up strictly for the music. The thing I like most about the American’s is that they glorify everything and it’s almost like its New Year’s every single day. It’s much more fun. Although coming from the UK, that dark, dingy, underground vibe is amazing as well, it really depends what kind of mood you are in.


4. What is your favorite thing to eat in the states?

Ihop, I don’t need to say anything else. Ihop, #Ihopgang


5. What is your favorite Tea?

PG Tips. There is a few English equivalents of tea, as you may imagine, but after much tasting PG tips is the winner.



6. What is your favorite Synth?

Massive is my most used, just on the basis that I know it inside and out, so I can do what I want to aim for quickly.

7. Are you as lively in real life as you are on Snapchat?

Kind of! The weird thing is, everyone assumes that me as a person is exactly what FuntCase is; that crazy, energetic dude and I’m not. FuntCase is like an entertainment thing. You know, like when you see comedians on the stage and you think this guy must be hilarious to hang out with. Then you see him in the airport and he is like super angry looking and you don’t want to go nowhere near him. The same with FuntCase, it’s just an entertainment thing. With Snapchat, that’s my humor, but I don’t really air it as much as a person, I use Snapchat as sort of a catalyst to do it.


8. Getting to the show, are you getting excited for Jingle?

Hugely, hugely excited! I have not seen a lot of the artists on the bill in a while and I haven’t seen Must Die! in a long time; since we were on tour in 2008 and I got really close to him. Haven’t seen Jphelpz in a while and I love that dude, we did a collaboration together and everything’s cool and I haven’t seen Downlink for the longest time and I love that dude. I just know the show is going to be amazing.


9. Your EDC Orlando mix has been getting a lot of attention, should we expect the same energy December 5th?


More. The difference between a club and a festival is very different. You can be at a festival with 100,000 people doing nothing or be in a club with 100 people going crazy, and then the club is more fun. EDC Orlando was so sick. Although I’m a performer, I kind of bounce off the energy of the crowd. The crowd at EDC Orlando were sick and I know that Jingle the Bass is going to be awesome!


10. Final question, what is your favorite place you have been to in the world?


It’s always hard, but it always ends up being the same answer: LA. There is something about LA that I love. I know so many people so when I go there it’s always sick. There is always someone to chill with and always work to do with someone in the studio, so on a personal level LA is my favorite place to be.