Cookie Monsta Exclusive Interview

1. How did you get the name Cookie Monsta (was it self appointed or appointed to you)
There’s no funny stories about this one, it’s plain and simple. My second name is Cook and I saved my music files in a folder at college named – “Cookie Monsta” and now i’m stuck being blue!

2. When did you start making music and what inspired you to do so
I first started on Reason in late 2007 but before that I played around with “Music 2000” on the PlayStation which let me make loops etc when I was around 10/11 years old, I was addicted and used it for years. That was the first time I found out it was possible to make music.

3. Where are you from and what do you value most about home
I’m from Nottingham and I value my family, they’ve been there whenever I needed and have supported me from the start, before “Cookie Monsta”.

4. Thoughts on the genre that you helped put on the map and where do you see it heading in the future
It’s kind of looping around from being called “dead” in 2013/4+ or so to now becoming popular again. It’s a constant cycle of fresh ears wanting to go to shows and older ears fading away, moving on to other things.

5. How have you managed not only to keep relevancy but to continue to thrive over the years
I think it’s a case of locking myself in the studio and hope for the best, most of the time I’m making random loops but then out of nowhere something will have potential and it track works for itself. You also have to evolve with the scene too, otherwise you’ll be left in the dark and forgotten.

6. Standout artist of 2016
Phiso. He blew up before 2016 but that doesn’t matter!

7. Standout song of 2016
My favourite track for 2016 is an unreleased collaboration between Excision and Space Laces, I’m not sure if I can say the track name yet so you’ll have to find out!

8. Favorite city to play at and why
That’s really hard to narrow it down because each city has a different vibe, a different crowd with different musical backgrounds. If I’d have to say one it’d be Denver. The city’s musical culture has been thriving for years and they know the classics from 2007 to the new fresh hits.

9. Struggles of being an artist of your magnitude
Keeping up with the times without losing your own style, also getting into a viscous circle when making music and hating it. I’ve been making music for years and I’ve lost my mind a thousand times doing it!

10. Best advice you would give to aspiring artists/producers
My best advice is – Fuck everyone who doubts you. Fuck everyone who wants to slow you down. Fuck any of that negativity and do what you want to do, make want you want to make. If someone says “this is the worst thing I’ve heard”, use that and times it by two and make something horrendous, make what you did before but twice as harder. DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO and good things will follow. Oh and let the music do the talking…