Global Music Broadcasting began as a production company focused on solely organizing and hosting events in Missouri. December 14, 2012 was the night that paved the way for what it has become today. On that day, the first installation of the event series Jingle the Bass took place at the famous St. Louis Skatium. The night featured headliners Getter, D-jahsta, Mantis, and Cyberoptics: and from that night, the dubstep scene in St. Louis changed forever.

After this impeccable night, Global Music Broadcasting was fully up and running. On New Years eve of the same year, the movement only continued to grow. GMB brought the St. Louis favorites Hulk and the young gun Symbiotic to the Platinum Playhouse. With a sold out show, GMB became a household name in the St. Louis electronic music scene. In the following months, 50 Carrot, Soloman, Trampa, and P0gman all made their St. Louis debuts and contributed to the growing popularity of the scene in St. Louis.

In addition to the events, GMB stepped into the booking side of the music business. The first artist we signed being Jphelpz, Global Music Broadcasting became a name that would be recognized, not just in St. Louis, but globally. Additions to the roster such as Dubloadz, Bloodthinnerz, Bommer, and many more have helped the passion for the music to grow faster than ever before.

As the new year approached, the city was anxious to see how this December would compare to last. On December 6th, Megaladon, D-jahsta, Barron, Rekoil, Juju, and many more delivered a show to St. Louis unlike anything that has been done before. The originality and the passion of the artists at this show separated itself from all other events in St. Louis, and arguably the rest of the country. The turbo-sound, the stage, the lights, and the energy cannot be duplicated. From this groundbreaking experience, the second annual show was born on March 29, 2014. Bar 9, Point.Blank, Getter, Disonata, Algo, and host gravity took the next step in the underground events in St. Louis with the event Raising the Bar. No pun intended, but the bar was raised after this show.

Since then, Global Music Broadcasting has grown exponentially. Expanding the roster and acquiring more assistance in our goal – Spreading the authenticity and the passion for music that Global Music Broadcasting represents.